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Our goal is to help you understand how love is misunderstood when you bully others.  Bullying is traumatic for those that experience it.  It is our desire to help you understand how to REALLY love others in spite of their ill treatment towards you.  We want to help you view life through another set of lenses, and genuinely care for one another.  REAL love shows compassion for others. 

We help you recognize the bully in relationships, the workplace, church, and schools.  There aren't any types of relationships that are excluded from bullying.  The age range is also unlimited.  We want to help you understand the "why" behind bullying.  What does it mean?  Why does it happen?  There is lasting damage done to those that experience it and never receive support and education about it.  Bullying does control the mind of those that experience it.  It also keeps your mind in a state of constant fear.  

We strive to provide you with tools to positively change your life and the lives of those you encounter.  These tools will change the trajectory of your life if you implement them.  They will open the eyes of domineering people, to see their controlling behaviors and also help them want to change from the damaged and toxic mindsets.  These tools will also help those that experience bullying choose to speak up for themselves and to create boundaries to stop the behavior of those bullying them.  These tools will empower you. 

Love Misunderstood Institute has empowerment events, seminars, online classes, and workshops that can help you.  We have a weekly PODTV show where we have discussions about bullying.  (See the events page for more details.)  Our Founder/President has self-published a book about workplace bullying and a workbook about bullying, in general.  These books are available to purchase.  (Ask for details).  We can refer you to a trauma and/or a forgiveness coaching program which will help you and guide you through your healing process.  Our desire is to see you set free from the suffering and pain of domineering people and also to help you see clearly that REAL love conquers ALL!

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