Love Misunderstood Institute has empowerment events, seminars, and workshops that will help you; recognize and acknowledge the bully in yourself.  We help you recognize the bully in others, in your relationships, the workplace, schools, and churches.  These events will also help you to understand how love has been misunderstood and how to become a change agent of real love.  We want to help you understand the "why" behind bullying.  What does it mean?  Why does it happen?  There is lasting damage done to those that experience it and never receive support and education about it.  We want to provide you with tools to positively change your life and the lives of those that you encounter.  Bullying controls you and the lives of others and keeps your minds in a state of fear.  
We provide the tools to help change the trajectory of the lives of people from controlling behaviors and from mindsets that have been created due to the traumatic experiences of bullying, helping them to view life through another lens.
We can refer you to a coaching program to help coach you through the trauma endured from bullying.  This coaching program will help you to recover and overcome your traumatic bullying experiences. 
We teach you the importance and value of love for one another and how it positively impacts the lives of those you encounter.  Real love supersedes the bullying of others and teaches you how to genuinely care for them.