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Are you tired of people being mean to you and you don't understand why they are treating you the way they are? Is the mean behavior repetitive, coercive, or forceful? You are experiencing bullying. You may have some days that you feel like you're on a mountaintop and you may have days that you constantly feel like you're in the valley.

When you are being bullied, you sometimes feel like life is not worth living. You don't feel like anyone loves you or cares about you. You don't want to go around others, because you feel too ashamed to talk about it, and sometimes you feel guilty, believing that you have done something to deserve the treatment.

We help you understand that you will live again and that your life is not over, but just beginning. We offer individual and group classes to help you better understand bullying. We help you understand why people bully others and that you can overcome what you are experiencing. You will survive. You will overcome. You are a winner! You are loved! There is greatness in you! Let us help you believe that you can live again!
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