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Your Healing Process

Your healing is important to Love Misunderstood Institute so we have collaborated with two businesses that offer services to aid in your healing process.


Mercy Proves Love Coaching Logo.png

Mercy Proves Love Coaching

Mercy Proves Love Coaching offers coaching services to help you heal spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Stephne is a Certified Coach which offers services in trauma healing, forgiveness, life, and spiritual coaching. These services will help you heal from your traumatic past and your current distresses of life experiences.  Her aim is to help you find the peace that you desire.


Premier Fitness

Premier Fitness strives to help you heal physically, mentally, and emotionally from your traumatic experiences and distresses.  Coach Gene is a Certified Yoga Instructor.  His aim is to help you learn how to channel negative energy into positive energy, leaving you with a peaceful state of mind and a more relaxed body.

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