Love Misunderstood Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about bullying and how it negatively impacts the lives of others.  Without the education of bullying, lives are constantly being destroyed due to the lack of knowledge of how it can mentally, emotionally, and spiritually disrupt someone else's life.  Our goal is to educate as many as possible about this subject to help you to understand that real love is treating others the way you want to be treated.  
My son and I were both bullied and are overcomers.  Being bullied controlled much of our lives.  My son was a twelve-year-old when he began experiencing bullying, and he had a classmate that was being bullied too.  They were both being bullied by the students and the teachers.  According to her, she had no support at home.  My son was able to support and encourage her at school but struggled to support himself.  She could not withstand the pressure and believed that her only choice was to commit suicide.  I was also experiencing a lot of workplace and relationship bullying during that time, but I knew that I had to help and support my son, especially after his classmate committed suicide.  While we both still experience bullying, we have learned to view it from a different perspective, use our voices to deal with the bully, choose to correct our own behavior when we notice that we are being a bully, and we have also chosen to empower others to overcome their bullying experiences.   
Love Misunderstood Institute was founded when I observed a young boy in elementary school, crying out on a video that went nationwide, about how bad people made him feel and how bad they treated him.  He was saying, "People shouldn't treat you bad because you are different or don't look like them."  At that time, I had just experienced the third bad job experience in a row.  Although I had many bad workplace experiences, this was an eye-opener of something different.  I had an epiphany at that moment which let me know this is what I had experienced for most of my life.  I heard, "Now it's time for you to use your voice and speak out about this issue."  At that moment, I made the choice to educate myself about this issue and to educate others about what I have learned.